Speed Bleeder - Replacements for OEM Bleed Valves

Speed Bleeder - Replacements for OEM Bleed Valves

Consistent with Murphs' philosophy of only offering high quality products to our customers, we now stock the popular Speed Bleeder product line.

The bleeding of brake and hydraulic clutch lines can be a hassle. Doing it the old way pretty much requires two people, one pumping the lever, and one turning the bleeder screw back and forth. The Speed Bleeder makes the task much simpler, easily accomplished by one person.

Simply replace your existing bleed screws with the Speed Bleeder. Internal to each Speed Bleeder is a spring-loaded check valve, as shown in the animation above. To bleed the system, first turn the Speed Bleeder 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. As you compress the clutch or brake levers, the valve is forced open by the resulting pressure, which in turn forces bubbles and fluid out the bleeder. Releasing the lever relieves the pressure in the line and the spring forces the valve closed. When you're finished bleeding the system, simply re-tighten the Speed Bleeder 1/4 turn and you're done. It's that simple!

Features of Speed Bleeder:

  • Stainless steel spring
  • Stainless steel ball
  • Brass retainer
  • The threads are roll formed. This process results in a stronger and smoother thread than one that is cut.
  • The chamber for the ball and spring is precision reamed and the seat for the stainless steel ball is machined to exacting tolerances.
  • Zinc chromate plating withstands a 30 hour salt spray. Other plating with higher salt spray results is also available.
  • Patented thread sealing system seals the threads when the bleeding operation is performed, preventing air from being sucked back into the system.
  • The pre-applied thread sealant also displaces air and moisture during thread engagement preventing rust...which usually results in rounded off corners on the hex or busted off bleeder screws making it necessary to replace the caliper or brake cylinder. The application of thread sealant thus makes it easy to loosen or remove the bleeder screw at any time.
  • The Speed Bleeder products come in slightly different styles, depending on the application. Use the table below to help clarify which model you need for your application. Note where there is a "(2)" indicated, you will need to order two of that type. Add as many to the cart as necessary. We'll add more detail for other bike applications and straighten out the drop down option list over the next few days.

    Kawasaki Year Front Brakes Rear Brake Clutch
    Concours 86-06 (2) SB7100 SB7100 SB8125L
    Concours 14 08-up (2) SB8125L SB8125L SB8125L
    EX 250 04-06 SB7100 SB7100 SB8125L
    KLR 650 02-07 SB7100 SB7100 SB8125L
    KLR 650 08-up SB8125L SB8125L SB8125L
    Ninja 250 05-09 SB8125L SB8125L SB8125L

    Get the bag and tubing when you order, to give you a convenient vessel in which to bleed the fluid, and keep everything as mess free as possible!

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    Speed Bleeder Applications:


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