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Fork Brace Testimonial


Well, I got the fork brace installed last weekend, and all I can say is WOW! I noticed the difference the moment I left my driveway. The street was re-surfaced last year with the gravel and sealer method, and ended up with ripples like a pond in a light wind. Without the brace, my bike would skitter and wiggle across this stuff. Now I hardly know it's there, the bike stays solid and straight while still letting me know about the surface. And the freeway is more enjoyable, if that is a word I can use in conjunction with the So Cal freeways. Anyhow, splitting lanes and getting around the "dumb *sses", and all the other stuff that happens on that long skinny parking lot is a lot easier to handle, adding to that all important confidence factor. And, it makes 100 feel like 90, oh yea!


I just wanted to let you know that this is the best way I've spent money in a long time. It was easy to install, thanks to the fine instructions and realizing I could get a length of 1 x 2 down between the tank and dash to tap the brace in place, looks great, and most important, it performs better than I expected. I didn't know how much I needed it until I had it. And the little protectors are trick too. Now I just have to decide on the springs, what differences did you see with the progressive springs?


Good Job, Murph, thanks.


Tim Gaskell

Note From Murph:

I’ve posted this unsolicited Email because it answers most of the questions I’m asked about a fork brace. As for the “good job murph”, Kevin Baker gets the credit!

all the best,


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