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A note from Murph:

During development of the Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter for the gen 1 Concours, Dan Bergmen performed oil pressure tests in order to verify safe operation. This describes his testing procedure along with the results. Fortunately for us all, he is a very detail oriented engineer.

All the best,


Oil Pressure Tests

Stock (or Standard) Compared to Spin-On Oil Filters

Kawasaki Concours

Dan Bergmen May 22, 2005

Prior to the installation of the Spin-On Oil Filter Adaptor Kit on my Concours, I ran significant oil pressure tests with the stock (or standard) paper cartridge oil filter apparatus. I ran these tests both hot and cold, low speed and high speed (to redline many, many times).

Test Conditions:

Test Apparatus:

Operational Tests and Test Results:

At cold startup the oil pressure started at 20 PSI at 1,000 rpm idle speed. It would quickly rise to 50 PSI as I slowly raised the rpm to about 2,000 rpm. The relief valve opened at that point and the oil pressure would not rise above 50 PSI.

Once on the road, pressures began to decrease as engine temperature increased. At full operating temperature (15 mile ride to turn around point) the numbers were quite different (engine rpm change rate same as cold startup above):

  • 7 PSI at 1,000 rpm idle speed.
  • 17 PSI at 2,000 rpm.
  • 30 PSI at 3,000 rpm.
  • 40 PSI at 4,000 rpm. Relief valve opens here and it is 40 PSI from here to redline.
  • Several runs were made to redline with continuous monitoring of oil pressure. There was no adverse fluctuations or unusual changes in monitored oil pressures during these runs.

    After this test, I removed the stock (or standard) oil filter apparatus and installed the first prototype Spin-On Oil Filter Adaptor Kit with a Bosch 3323 Spin-On Oil Filter.

    All tests were re-run exactly as above with exactly the same results. Several spin-on oil filters were tested and all showed the exact same results.

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