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COGger Jon Gould took some great side by side comparison shots of our Murphs' Kneesavers peg lowerers, along with the Genmar peg lowering kit. These are some great shots, and Jon has kindly allowed use of them on our site. We greatly appreciate his generosity to enable us to clearly show what a superior product we feel the Kneesavers really are.

Murphs' Kneesavers as viewed from the rear. Notice the more inside positioning of the peg relative to the Genmar setup below.


On the Genmars, the inside of the page is farther out than the Kneesavers, forcing the operator to "pigeon toe" shifts and braking. Not the most comfortable, nor the safest, thing to have to do.

These shots give a real good indication of the distance from the front of the pegs to the brake pedal. As can be seen, there is much more room with the Kneesavers than the Genmars, of particular concern to folks with larger feet!

Not much room there!

And the shot from the side really shows the difference in room. Notice how the Kneesavers are further back, much more close to the oem position.

What more can we say, we think we've got a superior product!

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