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  Cool Stuff For Your Ride - Murphs' Kits

My name is Joe Fecher, and like many of you who made it here I own a Kawasaki Concours 14.

I went to lube the shifter one day, and noticed there was a cheap plastic bushing which had already worn with only 1600 miles on the bike. A quick measurement of the shifter body followed, and I knew there were bearings that would fit. The improvement from this mod is quicker, more precise, and consistent shifting. Murph has sourced parts and put together a good kit based on my original mod, and he has my blessing.

I'd ask that you put me in consideration for any powdercoating needs you may have. I've been doing it for two years now (June 2011). Currently, I am able to do parts as large as wheels and swingarms. I can offer very competitive pricing and turnaround times. I am also on the ZRXOA forum, and have received quite a bit of positive feedback.

Check it out at www.powderdaddy.com . It is still somewhat under construction, bear with me, contact information will be there soon. In the meantime, I can be reached at 860-884-0355, or by email.



We are happy to accept personal checks and money orders

If you would like for me to carry other items, or offer a screw kit for another motorcycle email me! I'll be happy to work with you.
If you have trouble placing your order, please email Murph.
"Cool Stuff For Your Ride"