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KB Fork Brace Product Update

In 1999 Kawasaki began using a more precise casting method for the upper portion of the lower fork tube. This is the year the fork tube protector first appeared on the bike. It also makes for a great, consistent fit for the KB brace.

On models prior to 1999 there is a large variation on dimensions between bikes. At a fairly recent Concours Owner's Group National Rally I measured over a dozen bike's tubes, and found up to .040" diameter variations! We have decided the best path to the optimum performance from the brace will be to keep our dimensions as they are now, and supply a shim kit to eliminate any binding problem that may occur.

I just wanted to provide you with this information so you can make an informed decision. As always at Murphs’, if you are not satisfied with the product return it within 10 days of receipt, and we will refund your money!


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